This Weather App Tells You What to Wear

By far my favorite weather app out there. This is one of the most simple and fun apps I’ve used of 2018 and the best part is it’s free! WHTRD simply tells you what to wear each day depending on the weather in your city!

ALSO: This video ended up being a little shorter than I anticipated, so I threw in some extra bloopers 😊

My Favorite Terminal Dock Command

A few months ago, I became really frustrated with my dock constantly jumping between monitors due to the way my spaces were set up (each monitor had it’s own space so windows and apps could be assigned to a particular screen). Whenever my dock would move over, I would spend way too much time trying to get it to pop back up and move it back again.

Due to the fact that I record a ton of videos using my screen, I also wanted to have the max amount of real estate as possible and so decided to turn on the hiding feature. Then I discovered a really nifty command to adjust the time for the dock to animate out onto the screen or even disable it altogether.

defaults write autohide-time-modifier -int 0;killall Dock

In order to change the animation duration, simply replace the “0” with any number. Of course, the higher you go the longer the animation will take. However, you can also use a small number like a decimal with a snippet like this:

defaults write autohide-time-modifier -float 0.25;killall Dock

Here is the original code incase you want to reset these settings:

defaults delete autohide-time-modifier;killall Dock

This code is taken from a 9to5Mac article here.

Make Color Palettes Fast in Illustrator | Quicktorial #001

Did you know about this hidden color palette generator in Adobe Illustrator? This is a quick and easy way to build a set of colors and swatches in seconds (literally). This works on all versions of Adobe Illustrator CC and a few older versions as well.

This is also the first of my new “Quicktorial” series. These are essentially short tutorials showing you exactly what you need you to know in as short amount of time as possible. Hope you enjoy!

Premium Icon Site, FlatIcon Nearly Halves Prices for Summer

Premium icon sharing site, FlatIcon, reduces prices by 40% for their summer 2018 sale. Though the site offers free service to all customers, unrequited attribution and other features are given to their premium subscribers. Instead of their usual $9.99/month or ($7.50/month if paid annually), the company is offering a low $5.99/month ($4.50/month annually). If you choose the later option, the total one-time payment comes out to $53.99 for an entire year of unlimited icon use and ad-free use.

I have used this site on a ton of different projects in recent years and they are by far my favorite icon distribution service. They have a handy search function that lets you find exactly what you’re looking for as well as the format you need – png, eps, svg, etc..

Additionally, there is a free Mac app that lets you browse their entire library and drag and drop any icon from the app directly onto your project canvas. The app does require a premium license as well, though a 10 day free trial is offered.

Check out the new offer here.

The Most Minimalistic & Simple Ad-Free Clock Online

​Minimalism in your workflow is essential. Some tools require a clean UI and a well thought through design, but there others that require the least amount of distraction. And this clock is just about as simple as you can get.

With no menus, colors, fonts, or other settings to change, TicToc is the most minimalistic clock you’ll ever use. The fullscreen webpage features a purely black and white color scheme displaying the current time in bold letters. This is a perfect site to use if you ever need a no-clutter clock during an event, embedded in a website, or just running in the background on one of your monitors.

For those wanting to embed the site as a widget you can simply use Embed Responsively with this code.

<style>.embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }</style><div class=‘embed-container’><iframe src=’’ style=‘border:0’></iframe></div>

This can be then embedded inside your website – on the sidebar – or in an analytics screen like the example below:

The clock will also be displayed in your tab’s title, so if you’re browsing another site you can still see the time.

Templates for IGTV & Instagram Stories | After Effects Tutorial

For anyone editing in portrait mode resolutions, having a template like this can greatly speed up your workflow. This can be used for IGTV, Instagram Stories, or any other portrait canvases.

This project includes over 60 templates, with around 300 additional elements like swipe-up, background, titles, and more. You can mix and match any of the elements and create slideshows with easily customizable transitions.

The Best Way to Download YouTube Videos

*Image Thumbnail credit from 4kdownload’s website.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you need to download a YouTube video or extract the audio, this app is the tool for you. There’s already a significant amount of apps and services that will let you do this, but they are almost ALWAYS cluttered with ads, or they won’t let you set the quality of your download and other settings. It’s important to note that if you are downloading a file from YouTube, just make sure you give credit and do not claim the rights to producing the content – that should be obvious, but plagiarizing is illegal…and it just sucks for creators.

Anyhow, I have been using this app for years now as the primary means to download a video, song, or sound effect straight to my Mac. The beauty of 4k Video Downloader is that you simply copy the link, click “paste link” and it begins parsing the link so all you have to do is choose your options.

You can also choose to just extract the audio at any setting of audio, like so:

4k Video Downloader

Check out the app here on 4kdownload’s website.

ICYMI! Reacting to Old Videos, MORE Livestreams, & More!

It’s a new month and that means a new livestream! This time we’re taking it back to the beginning of the channel as I react to my old videos. I also unbox a new case for my iPhone 8 Plus and talk about potential new livestreams!

My Minimalistic Homescreen: A Simple iPhone Setup

My phone has become somewhat of an addiction where I spend WAY too much time not being productive. After finding an awesome article by Jason Stirman, I fell in love with my new homescreen setup.

This is a great way to simplify your iPhone or Android screen and can cut back on TONS of notifications, clutter, and other distractions. This is the ultimate minimalist’s phone.

INSPIRED BY JASON STIRMAN – Check out the original article here.

Wires, free wireframe kits for Adobe XD

Free Template Friday, Episode 15!

If you are an Adobe Experience Design user, you’re gonna love this week’s template feature. Wires, is a wireframe kit with over 170 mobile templates and 90 web templates. There over 400 reusable elements such as icons and other components that can be used throughout the document.

The template is very well organized as it is separated into specific categories such as “messaging,” “sign up,” “onboarding,” et al. Here is a zoomed out snapshot of what it looks like:

Wires, mobile layout
Wires, mobile layout

You can download the template from the original post on Happy creating, and have a great weekend!

Illustration Wallpapers are Beautiful

I first got into design because I needed to make thumbnails for my videos when I started the channel back in 2013. During that time, a new trend was rising: 2d or “flat” art. There’s something about this minimalistic approach that is truly aesthetically pleasing. So why not post these beautiful illustrations where you see it most? Your desktop.

Wallpapers are meant to reflect your personality, your interests, and set the tone of your workflow each day. Thus it’s crucial to pick one that is not too distracting, yet interesting enough to tell a story. And that’s exactly what artist Mikael Gustafsson has done with his work.

With over 22,000 followers and over double that number for each of his 35 posts, Gustafsson had done a spectacular job of capturing a simple, yet emotional illustration with his art.

He has generously, provided full resolution attachments to his Dribbble shots with an obtrusive watermark in the bottom corner. You can view his full portfolio here and the thumbnail poster image here.

X - FREE PowerPoint & Keynote Template

Episode 14!

This week’s template features a minimal, yet modern presentation template with over 75 different layouts. The slides are designed for retina and full HD displays and includes both a Keynote and PowerPoint template.

Even though they are tons of different slide designs, there are also over 800 vector icons with other vector mockups that can be used as resizable elements throughout the presentation.

This pixel masterpiece is given away for free by the generous author,Dublin Design, on – so be sure to head over to their profile and give them some love.

Here is the original post on Behance

Let’s talk about Ready Player One…

Before you scroll through this post to tell me that the book was released 7 years ago and the movie has been out for months, allow me to explain this post. TL;DR – The movie was outstanding, but you do not want to skip reading the book. It is a must read and a subsequent must-watch for any tech enthusiast of any kind.

So I know I missed the boat on posting about RPO, but then again I didn’t have a channel 7 years ago, nor did I have a functional website when the movie was released. Thus, having just finished reading the book, I have some thoughts I would like to share with my fellow tech lovers.

First, let’s talk about the movie. The movie was absolutely amazing. Even though it strayed pretty far from the original storyline, there were so many amazing easter eggs with salutes to the likes of Star Wars, Terminator, and tons of past Steven Spielberg productions. They did a great job, and as a standalone production it was beautifully crafted both in its storytelling and stunning cinematics.

But none of it really happened. At least, not like that. In reality, there are quite a few different easter eggs which is fine because Spielberg wanted to add his own. Without focusing on the parts they forgot or replaced, there is simply so much that goes into creating a virtual universe like the OASIS that a movie just can’t fully capture.

I won’t giveaway in spoilers for the book or movie, but like with any novel there is more time to develop a story and the characters in it. After finishing the book, I had so much more respect for the protagonists and the actual very real threats they faced. In the movie, it’s a little vague as to why there is a war going on. Not to mention the sheer awe that most techies like me were probably experiencing seeing such an awesome world come to life.

Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One casts a much more realistic light over what a virtually immersed world would actually look like. The hardships people face and the state of the world in the 2040s isn’t quite as exciting as its virtual counterpart. Overall, readers are left with a much fuller and, I would say, accurate depiction of an automated world filled with so much tech.

I would highly recommend anyone to read the book and see the movie. In that order. You will not be disappointed – even if you don’t catch all the easter eggs or aren’t super into technology, it’s worth your time.

The Most Beautiful Wallpapers of 2018?

As I was scrolling through my Twitter feed this morning, I stumbled across a tweet from Adobe showcasing a new collection of art from a Behance artist.

Illustrator and Artist, Miki Nemcekm, released a beautiful set of 3d graphics just a few months ago featuring a simple name: “Noise.” These pieces attempt to bring to life the actual waveforms released at the moment sound is created with a stunning bright color palette. The viewer is thrown straight into the scene as these waveform spectrums are depicted as sudden paint explosions near their source.

Additionally, Nemcekm has included a few abstract pieces excluding any instruments to make a unique shapes and landscapes. While intended to be a simple post on a design forum, these images can serve as the perfect background for your desktop. For software nerds, the artist listed using both Photoshop and Maxon’s Cinema 4d to bring these works to life.

Check out the links below to view these pieces as well as the related gallery on

Miki Nemcek’s “Noise”

Behance Illustration Gallery

The BEST PDF Editor Around? + Win A FREE Copy!

It’s been almost 30 years since Preview first launched along with the early versions of Mac OS. It’s not an app most people think about when it comes to our beloved OS, yet just about every person out there uses it almost every day. There’s been tons of alternatives made by third-party developers – Adobe Acrobat is a popular one. However, these apps can be expensive and not always contain all the features you need.

So when Wondershare reached out to me about reviewing the latest version of their product, PDFelement 6, I was really interested to give it a try. I can honestly say this is one of my favorite PDF editors out there and makes browsing, converting, editing, and annotating PDFs WAY easier. Wondershare was also kind enough to provide a few free licenses of the app for me to share with you guys. To check it out, click the video below!

Free Template Friday #13

ICYMI! Free Template Friday has been moved to the website for future posts.

It’s Friday! And that means it’s time to showcase another beautiful, pixel-perfect, time-travelling, noble – and don’t forget – free template. So, it’s a good day.

This week, we’re taking a look at how to change up your Instagram grid with a shape masking template that will crop your photos into unique shapes with eye-catching backgrounds. While there are only 10 different presets you can use, each one with a different perspective and style, there is a premium version of the file you can purchase which gives you access to over 100 more layouts.

The file comes in .PSD (Photoshop) format and comes in at just under 16mb so it won’t break your internet.

This template is a really great way to change up the look of your feed and will definitely help you stand out amidst the hundreds of thousands of posts each day.

Check out the link below to get started!


1500 Scenes & Presets for After Effects?! Plus Giveaway!

This is probably one of my favorite extensions/add-ons I’ve used for AE in a while, and I definitely recommend it. If you’re just getting started, a bundle like this can save you so much time. Trust me, I’ve spent way too much time trying to make my animation look half decent. With the video library, you can literally drag and drop…

This plugin includes over 1500 scenes and presets for Adobe After Effects. It has templates for Instagram stories, video intros, and TONS of other stuff, plus it’s on sale! Check out the full video below!

Let’s Talk About Free Template Friday

​Just a few weeks ago, I announced that I would be bringing back #FreeTemplateFriday to the channel. I was really excited to get back into it, despite the big commitment of creating something new and fresh every week. What I didn’t consider was that this project would also take up a video slot each week.

So, to compensate for this I have decided to move Free Template Friday’s to blog format only. Don’t get me wrong, FTF will live on, I will simply post about them on my website and share them on Fridays.

This project is interesting because while it does help you guys out (I hope) and adds a new tool to your resource library, it also challenges me to get creative and keep the ball rolling. But let me ask you guys, do you think I should continue to create the templates from scratch OR, would you prefer 1 well-researched free template/resource each week?

HMU up on twitter @MacSquareYT or comment down below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Is iOS 12 Worth It?! Top 10 Features & Bugs

After one week of using iOS 12, I share my feedback on whether the new OS is worth it as well as my top 10 features. This is the developer preview which means it’s naturally pretty buggy, so I highlight some of my frustrations and whether or not I’ll revert to iOS 11.

New Website + Patreon!

I’ve been working over the past few months to create new places to connect with you guys and build the Mac Square community. Finally, I’m excited to share with you guys these two new outlets!

First, I’m launching my website with additional content, downloads, and updates for you guys to stay connected to the channel. Secondly, I’m opening up my Patreon page for the very first time! This is a place for you to help support the channel, but also get killer rewards in return!

FREE Collage Template for Photoshop!

A FREE Collage template for Adobe Photoshop CC. This project file includes 10 different layouts and templates and supports up to 8 different photos. This photo collage template is really easy to edit and customize. It’s perfect for vertical photos, like portraits!

Plus! We passed 10 episodes of Free Template Friday! If you have a specific request for a template, be sure to drop a comment below!

10 UI Changes in Mac OS Mojave! Dev Preview Hands-On

Take a look at 10 UI features in the latest Mac OS update, Mojave. I got my hands on Apple’s developer preview as soon as I could. There’s a lot more included in this new OS version, but in this video I’m taking a look specifically at the user interface and overall experience of the beta.

Subscriber for more hands-on videos of iOS 12, Mac OS 10.14, and more!

WWDC 2018! Everything You Need to Know

Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference Keynote aired live today on June 4th. This is usually a 2+ hour event, but I’ll tell you everything you need to know in less than 10 minutes! Check out the full video below!

Glitch Your Photos in After Effects // FREE TEMPLATE FRIDAY

This week’s episode of #FreeTemplateFriday lets you bring your photos to life using a partial glitch effect. I’ll break down how the project is setup and show you the basic setup in just a couple minutes. This file is super easy to use and allows for multiple revisions so you don’t have to ever duplicate the file or anything like that. Watch the full video below and check out the template on the downloads page!

WWDC, YouTube Changes, & More w/Go Cell Phone Repair

Join the 10th episode of my monthly livestream where we discuss WWDC 2018 rumors, tech news, and hangout with Mike from Go Cell Phone Repair!

A lot is bound to happen on June 4th at Apple’s annual developer conference so we are excited to talk about our predictions just days before the event. Meanwhile, YouTube has recently unveiled their testing of a new subscription feed much to the dissatisfaction of many content creators – myself included.

For those unaware, a user tweeted at Team YouTube asking why his feed was out of order:

It brought in a flurry of responses from major channels like MKBHD, iJustine, and Casey Neistat as this potential change could really hurt a lot of YouTube creators. Mike and I will be discussing our thoughts on this news along with our YouTube changes and tech news.

Join the stream at 12:30 PM (EST) Saturday, June 2nd!

FREE Thumbnail GENERATOR & Template for Photoshop!

Free Template Friday #9 features a free thumbnail generator and template for Adobe Photoshop. This project file will help you save TONS of time when creating and designing thumbnails. It features 5 different templates along with various icons, overlays, and text effects to speed up your workflow.

Make NEON Objects QUICKLY in After Effects!

Learn how to make neon signs and text fast in Adobe After Effects! This template is the ultimate kit for creating neon objects quickly and it’s incredibly powerful. You can make logos, text, and lower thirds in a beautiful environments with a TON of different effects and looks.

Free Template Friday – Social Media Artwork Template for Photoshop

This week’s Free Template Friday (#8) features a FREE social media artwork template for Photoshop. This project will save you tons of time when designing your header or avatar image for social networks and features layouts for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Also included are guides for YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook to show you where desktop, tablet, and mobile devices crop the image and where the safe zones are located. PLUS there’s a free Photoshop action that will speed up the export process!

Glitch Title & Effects Pack | After Effects & Premiere Pro Tutorial

An awesome pack of glitch titles, transitions, and effects for Adobe After Effects. This includes over 60 titles in two styles as well as 30+ transitions. These effects are very easy to setup and can be used in After Effects or Premiere Pro.

Free Template Friday Returns! | Glitch & Pixel Photoshop Tutorial

It’s been a while since I’ve last done one of these…almost 4 years exactly (I know…) But today, it’s officially back with my new tutorial and template, “Pixelize.” You can use this template for WHATEVER you want, and did I mention it was FREE?! Check out the full video below to lear how to create the effect above and to get the file!

Add SHIMMER to PHOTOS! | After Effects Tutorial

Add beautiful shimmer and particle effects to your photos with this crazy cool template! This is a super quick way to bring your photos to life with very minimal work inside of After Effects or Photoshop. There is an AE plugin as well as a PS action included so you can use either app. Check out the full video below:

How I Edit My Videos + Q&A! | Livestream V9

​It’s that time of the month again! Join me on May 5th for the 9th episode of the livestream at 12:30 PM EST. I’ll be sharing my 4 stage workflow for editing videos as well as answering any questions!

SANDSTORM: Dust & Particle Explosion! | After Effects Tutorial

How do you create cinematic particle and dust effects in After Effects? Usually, the answer would be to purchase an expensive plugin which you would likely spend hours learning how to use before you can create anything high quality. OR, you can buy a cheap template that will do all the work for you! Check out this video here to watch the full tutorial:


There are tons of blogs, news sites, or other platforms that do a great job of spreading information. But how often do you remember all of those facts? This free app will literally make you smarter, plus its free! Check out this video to see how it works: