Popular music-matching service, Shazam, is now available for free on the Mac. This app grew significantly in the early development of apps, specifically on iPhone. So much so that Apple recently acquired the multi-million dollar company just a few months ago.

The Mac OS iteration boasts a simple interface with a menubar icon and no dock app. There is a simple menu that reveals recently played songs and a link to the track in Apple Music. Shazam will identify the song using whatever mic is connected to your computer. It takes a few seconds depending on the song and how well known it is, then it will pop a notification on your screen with the song info.

I decided to use my iPhone’s speaker to play the songs, sitting on my desk near my computer. The first song I tested was from a pretty small band which Shazam couldn’t identify and so instead gave me another random song it thought was playing. But after testing some more popular songs, it did a pretty good job. This was playing on my iPhone in a dock so the sound was a little muffled and the volume was around halfway.

Download the app for Mac here.